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Remus Lupin and Sirius Black


Rules of the game

Yoinked from ass_ldws

*Each Round will have twelve players. Players will be selected on a first come-first served basis in reply to a sign-up post. Players must be at least 18 years old to participate - we will be checking - so please have either your birthyear or a statement that you are 18 or over in your LJ profile.

*All drabbles will revolve around the relationship of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. The relationship can be slash, preslash, or gen. If any participant chooses to write a gen fic, please do not have either boy paired with someone else - this is a Remus/Sirius community and should be left as such.

*Each week, during the contest, the mods will post two prompts. Both prompts must be used. The prompts will be:

1. A genre or fanfic cliché
2. A word or picture (for the word prompt - any form of the word can be used - ie if the word is "dance" then dancing, danced, and dances can be used).

For instance: the prompt may be the genre of Angst (which will set the tone for the drabble), and the word 'Sunrise' (which must be used in the drabble).

* Each contestant will submit one drabble of the required length by the due date. For this contest, the word count will often be a maximum of 300 words, but on select weeks, the mods will announce that a specific word count must be adhered to. This word count might be any count from exactly 100 to exactly 300. Each week, the word count will be revealed along with the prompts.

*Drabbles must be submitted with all HTML coding and a standardized header, which will be furnished to each participant. Please warn for any kinks (including chan).

*All submissions will be emailed directly to the mods, dogsunderfoot or remuslives23, at mp.ldwsmod@gmail.com

*Drabbles will be posted by the mods and will remain anonymous until after voting. To ensure fairness, authors must not disclose which drabble is theirs until after the weekly reveals. After the reveals, they are welcome to post their drabble to their journal, or any community of their choosing. Participants may use only one Beta reader, but that reader must also maintain secrecy until after reveals each week.

* Readers will vote for one favorite drabble (+1 point) and one least favorite drabble (-1 point). Voting will be screened. Each week the drabble(s) with the least amount of points will be eliminated (see below for elimination schedule).


Most Favorite: If two or more drabbles receive the same amount of points, the drabble with the most votes for favorite wins.
Least Favorite: If two or more drabbles receive the same amount of points, the drabble with the least votes for favorite loses.

*One vote per person for most and least favorite. No anonymous voting. All participants are encouraged to vote, but must vote for a drabble other than their own.

* For the first four weeks, the two authors who receive the lowest scores will be eliminated. For the remainder of the round, the single contestant with the lowest score will be eliminated until there is a winner.

* Grounds for disqualification: Any author not adhering to the word count or prompt use requirements are subject to immediate expulsion from the competition. Also, if it is proven that an author broke secrecy about which is their drabble, or used more than one beta, they will be disqualified. In such a case, if two participants would have been scheduled to be dismissed that week, only one will. If one participant had been scheduled to be eliminated that week, that elimination schedule will still be adhered to.

*Each round will last approximately seven weeks, so participants should be sure they will be able to commit to that time frame before they sign up.

*There will be no passes. If a contestant cannot submit a drabble for any given week, they will be eliminated.

*Anyone who signs up and doesn’t submit a drabble, is late constantly, or is disqualified will be banned from competing for one round.

*Weekly timetable

Drabbles Due: Sundays by 7 pm Eastern (US)
Drabbles posted for voting by: Monday 7 pm Eastern (US)-earlier if possible
Voting closes: Wednesdays 7 pm Eastern (US)
Weekly results announced: Wednesdays by 8 pm Eastern (US)
Prompts posted: Wednesdays by 9 pm Eastern (US)

*Any questions? Poke the mods.

EDIT: While we're sorting out the kinks and bugs in this first round, the mods will be using their discretion when it comes to the interpretation and understanding of the rules. We know that sometimes genuine mistakes are made, and we will look at this on a case by case basis. However, second mistakes will result in disqualification, no matter how innocent the error.