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Moony and Padfoot Last Drabble Writer Standing
20th-Jan-2012 10:18 pm - Keep an eye out!
Misc: spotted duck
We're talking about a fresh round, tentatively titled:

'The Seven Deadly Sins of Moony and Padfoot'

Dates TBA (ie when your mod can get off her arse and get things moving!)
1st-Oct-2011 08:25 am - Affiliate Pimping!
Misc: spotted duck

Art by inverts

Join us on the journey at rs_games
24th-May-2011 02:03 pm - LOOK YOU GUISE!!!!
Misc: spotted duck
Banner 1

shaggydog_swap! A Reverse Ficathon for Remus/Sirius artists and writers! Check it out!

*is excited*
27th-Apr-2011 09:35 pm - Banners!
Congratulations again to anothersaturday and whitmans_kiss for putting forth such superb drabbles!

I come bearing banners! (Oh, gosh--within twelve hours of the end of the round! Can you believe it?)

banners!Collapse )

Artwork courtesy of epithalamium

Thanks again to both epithalamium and myprettycabinet  for their graciousness in letting their lovely artwork grace our fest and banners. Hugs to both of you!
28th-Apr-2011 09:01 am - Grand Final Results Post
Misc: spotted duck
Thank you so much to everyone who read and voted this final week of Round Two. The voting this week was ridiculously close with our authors saving the best for last. We do have a winner, though, so, without further ado, the winner of Round Two of mp_ldws is...

*drum roll*

ResultsCollapse )

So that's it for Round Two of mp_ldws! Thank you to all our participants for the high-quality drabbles that made it so hard to choose a favourite, and to our voters for reading and making the hard decisions.

Until next time!
dogsunderfoot and remuslives23
25th-Apr-2011 09:07 am - Final Two Drabbles
Misc: spotted duck
Welcome one and all to this, our final week!

Our final two drabblers, whitmans_kiss and anothersaturday have produced fantastic final drabbles for you. I don't envy you guys for having to choose a favourite.

The Final TwoCollapse )

Comments are screened. Please vote for YOUR FAVOURITE DRABBLE ONLY. Voting will close on Wednesday 27th.


Happy Reading! :)
21st-Apr-2011 09:52 am - Final Week!!
Misc: spotted duck
Welcome to Week Eleven of the second round of mp_ldws!

It is the final this week and it's been a tough battle. Our authors have produced some amazing drabbles throughout the last ten weeks, and that's been showing in the close voting (and your mods bitten down fingernails).

Final Drabblers!Collapse )

Week Eleven Prompts and TeamsCollapse )

Remember, your drabble must fit the genre or cliché, and you must use the word prompt somewhere in your drabble. Any drabbles that don’t adhere to the exact word count, deadline, or prompt use will be eliminated. (On some word processing programs, html coding is included in the final word count so please be careful to ensure your number of actual words is correct. If in doubt, please use this word counter to check.)

All drabbles are due by 7.00pm Sunday 24th (EST--think New York).

We are using a simplified header. Please do not make any reference to a beta as we will not publish their names (you can thank them later!). Please use the 'Contains' section for any warnings or to provide any information a reader might need to make an informed decision about whether they wish to read on. Eg: Contains: angst, oral sex, naked Hagrid.

Copy and paste this header for your drabble:

Send completed drabbles to the mods at mp.ldwsmod@gmail.com, with your username and the week you're participating in included in the subject line. The drabble can be submitted as an attachment (.doc or .docx only please) or pasted into the body of the email. If you do paste your drabble, please ensure you include < br > codes (without the spaces) wherever you want a hard return as copypasting tends to mess up your line breaks. For example:

"Sirius! God, you stink!"< br >
"You don't smell like roses yourself. What did we roll in last night?"< br >
"I just hope it was dead before we found it. I have a nasty taste in my mouth...< br >

We will respond to your submission email to let you know we received it. If you don't hear from us within 24 hours of submission, please let us know through a PM.

Any questions? Poke the mods: dogsunderfoot or remuslives23 either through the email address above or a PM through our journals.

Happy drabbling!
20th-Apr-2011 07:47 pm - ANNOUNCING!
So, I actually closed the voting at 7:11 (yes, I was late. Does this honestly surprise anyone?) only to realise that I posted the closing in my own journal. GAH!

Anyhow, that does not change the fact that voting is closed, and I have to announce the winner!

The Results--AND BANNERS!!Collapse )

Prompt post for our finalists coming up very, very soon!
17th-Apr-2011 06:29 pm - Week Ten Drabbles
Welcome to the tenth week of the second round of
Moony and Padfoot's Last Drabble Writer Standing!

Whether you're new or whether you're a faithful reader, we want to thank you for coming here to read and vote. This contest relies on fabulous people like yourselves who take the few minutes to read and vote, and we couldn't do it ourselves!

Having said that, we are now down to the last three writers, and your vote counts more than ever!
Good luck deciding which one is your favourite and least favourite this week! I know we say that every week but, WOW! This week... Well, just read the three drabbles and you'll know what I mean.

ONWARD!Collapse )

Please include the number of the drabble as well.
Writers, we encourage you to vote, but ask that you not vote for your own drabble.

Comments are screened--or they should be if I've done it correctly.

Voting will end on Wednesday, 20th April at 7:00pm Eastern Time (think Boston or Morgantown, WV.)

Happy reading!
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